Saras is an intellectual product meant for schools where technology and modernization join hand in hand to improve the productivity. It facilitates and automates the day to day operations of the school by providing the most user friendly environment for the novice users. Saras takes care of the data security based on the user profile and provide complete security against unauthorized access.

This product has been developed keeping in mind the end users requirement in collaboration of cutting-edge technology. It has been developed using latest technology trends for evolving markets. Modular based development allows saras to smoothly plug-in with the future development and customization. This enables to be an intelligent & informative product.

Database Synchronization

It allows taking one database, making an exact copy of it on another server, and setting one of them (slave) to take all its updates from the other (master). The slave reads the master's table and finds whether the data in the master has been changed and vise versa, and repeats these on its database, keeping the two in exact sync.
Synchronizer allows you to equalize:

  • The data of the selected records
  • The data of the selected tables entirely
  • The properties of the selected fields
  • The structure of the selected table entirely

Data base Synchronizer provides an effective way to migrate data, Compare database and monitors the database:

Process Definition Tool

To create the XML document for the particular problem requires the flow diagram. This flow diagram is very helpful to analysis the problem. All requirement tools are available here to draw the diagram. The user can save the work area as document. If the user chooses the existing area then the area is parsed and displayed. The look and feel menu has predefined look and feel class.

When ever the application is started, new users have to register their names. The users can do only application generation works. When the administrator login into the system the administrator area will be appeared.

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